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The NHIR Institute is a unique organisation based in Australia, founded with the aim of conducting research to advance science and policies surrounding Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena that is linked to non-human intelligence.

NHIR, an acronym for non-human intelligence research, speaks to the Institute’s unwavering commitment to support and progress collaborative, rigorous scientific research into the phenomenon.

The first of its kind in the Australasian region, but with global links, the NHIR Institute was founded in 2023 with a mission to draw on its learnings for the betterment of communities across the globe.

What is non-human intelligence?

The term UAP is an acronym for Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena. The Pentagon’s UAP investigation office, AARO, defines UAPs as:

"…sources of anomalous detections in one or more domain (air, sea, space or trans-medium) that are not yet attributable to known actors and that demonstrate behaviours that are not readily understood by sensors or observers. ‘Anomalous detections’ include but are not limited to phenomena that demonstrate apparent capabilities or material that exceed known performance envelopes. A UAP may consist of one or more unidentified anomalous objects and may persist over an extended period of time."

For many years the UAP acronym was generally described as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena but a recent change was made to ‘Anomalous’ to acknowledge the fact that this phenomenon is being observed not just in Earth’s atmosphere but also in outer Space and underwater in oceans and lakes. (Unidentified Submerged / Submersible Objects – USOs - is the term used for undersea anomalous phenomena).

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For the same reason, the term UFO is less used these days because the phenomena is increasingly acknowledged to be not just ‘flying’ objects, ie: objects in Earth’s atmosphere. The UFO acronym is also perceived as having become historically stigmatised, because in popular culture it is associated with a definitive (yet, unproven) link to extra-terrestrial aliens. Hence, the term UAP, which is perceived as being more neutral, is used.

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The term ‘NHI’ is an acronym for Non-Human Intelligence. In the UAP amendments put to the United States Congress in late 2023 the term NHI was defined as:

‘Any sentient intelligent non-human lifeform regardless of nature or ultimate origin that may be presumed responsible for unidentified anomalous phenomena or of which the Federal Government has become aware.’

NHI is perceived as a broader term than extra-terrestrial (ET) because it encompasses the possibility that a hypothetical non-human intelligence might not be extra-terrestrial, a term that means intelligent life from beyond or outside our planet. NHI contemplates the possibility that some kind of life-form is sharing this planet with humans, or that it might be inter-dimensional.

Report UAP or NHI Activity

The NHIR Institute invites reports and information regarding UAP and related NHI activity. In keeping with the NHIR Institute’s commitment to advancing science, our team will conduct further research into these reports.

The NHIR Institute has created a secure, encrypted form to report UAP or NHI activity. We welcome your tips and submissions, which may be published in our archives. All anonymous tips will have any identifying information redacted. The NHIR Institute respects the need to protect national and global security and we emphasise that we will not accept, nor are we soliciting, any national security sensitive or classified documents.

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Current State of Evidence

What is the current state of evidence in relation to Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) and whether a potential non-human intelligence (NHI) is engaging with humanity?

NHIR Institute’s Ross Coulthart summarises here the substantial new evidence and witnesses that have come forward in recent years to explain why so many people internationally think the mystery of UAPs and the likely existence of NHI have a solid basis in scientific fact and demand intense and rigorous investigation. After decades of Governments around the world telling the public that UAPs were not a subject to be taken seriously and that they posed no threat to flight safety or national security, key events have forced an admission out of the US Pentagon and intelligence community that UAPs are indeed a potential flight safety and national security concern. This article investigates what precipitated that change.

The US Congress is now taking the phenomenon very seriously indeed, passing UAP transparency laws that require all the US’ UAP-related records to be disclosed to the US National Archives where a decision can be made on their declassification. A growing coalition of of lawmakers, former and serving defence and intelligence officials, and scientists and researchers believe the evidence requiring serious engagement with this subject is now so overwhelming, political leadership must support careful investigation within the oversight authority of the Congressional oversight committees.

While mainstream media most often continues to report these UAP developments poorly, the level of public interest in the UAP issue is intense. Senior US senators have accused their own Government of holding back on how much it knows about the UAP mystery. The public wants answers and NHIR Institute wants to play its role in helping make that happen.

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Featured Article

Harry Turner
O.H (Oliver Harry) Turner. (photo courtesy Bill Chalker)

Australia's Real X-Files: How Top Australian Government Scientists Pushed To Investigate UFOs

For 11 years, between 1952 and 1963, the British Government conducted open air nuclear tests in Australia, at the Montebello Islands off Western Australia and at the remote outback sites of Maralinga and Emu Field in South Australia’s Great Victoria Desert. Among the many who worked on these secret tests was a young physicist called Harry Turner. What he witnessed and investigated during his time in the desert – mysterious unidentified anomalous phenomena – galvanised his view that UAPs are very real and that they should be taken seriously and properly investigated. It is fitting in this our inaugural news feature for NHIR’s website launch, to pay tribute to the scientific rigour and curiosity shown by Harry, who went on to become one of Australia’s most senior defence intelligence scientists. His story is of a scientist who defied the ridicule and stigma thrown at the UAP-UFO mystery. It’s a narrative that challenges the mainstream largely default assumption that Governments and scientists have always ridiculed and dismissed the subject of UAPs.